The Laboratory of Biometric Recognition and Information Security Technology specializes in the research and industrialization of pattern recognition technology, bioinformatics, numerical simulation and computer simulation.The research members includeProfessor Liu Yuanning(doctor, doctoral supervisor),Professor Zhu Xiaodong(doctor,doctoral supervisor),Professor Fu Hong,Assistant Professor Zhang XiaoxuProfessor Zhang Hao(doctor),Assistant Professor Wang Gang(doctor),and more than 50 doctoral and master students.

  The research lab not only devotes itself to the international frontier, high level and influential basic theoretical research, but also devotes itself to creating electronic information products with high scientific and technological content and strong practicability, which conform to the market demand. After years of efforts, more than 120 high-level academic papers have been published in academic journals and international conferences at home and abroad, 50 searched papers by SCI, EI and ISTP, and more than 15 patented software copyrights have been obtained. More than 20 national and provincial-level projects have been undertaken, such as the National Natural Fund, the Development Fund for Electronic Information Industry, and the transformation of major achievements. Innovation and industrialization research has laid a solid foundation, won a number of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and many products are in the process of market application and commercial promotion.

  This laboratory places talent training in a prominent position, creates a positive, upward, harmonious and healthy cultural atmosphere, and tries to provide students with a good scientific research environment and humanistic environment. Through close contacts and project cooperation with domestic and foreign cooperative units and enterprises, graduate students can get academic exchanges at home and abroad and enter cooperative enterprises to carry out research and development of practical products. Many experts, scholars and executives from the industry were invited to give lectures and exchanges. Graduates'employment prospects include Baidu, Tencent, 360, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Car and other large companies, small and medium-sized companies with great potential for development, research institutes, colleges, banks, government agencies and other units.

  The research lab has been engaged in biometrics recognition, automotive parts enterprise informatization, network information filtering, RNA structure analysis and prediction, siRNA analysis and prediction, microRNAs analysis and prediction, numerical simulation and computer simulation for many years, and has made many original achievements.

  Biometrics: Using biological features (including iris, fingerprint, face, etc.) images to identify people's identity has the advantages of high stability, good exclusiveness, high accuracy and uniqueness. It is mainly used in security inspection, attendance and identification of ports, banks, public security, enterprises and institutions. This direction mainly involves the research of embedded devices, optical systems, image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. Our lab has invested in this direction for many years, and has completed the development of the embedded iris acquisition and recognition integrated machine from the core algorithm to the hardware equipment, and has made the prototype trial production. In the future, we will continue to fine tune and optimize the performance of the equipment, and promote its use in a variety of application scenarios.

  Auto Parts Enterprise Informatization: Aiming at small and medium-sized automotive parts enterprises, this paper aims to create information PDM products for the whole production process, to help enterprises improve production processes, organize product structure, and provide efficient safety management of electronic data. Through long-term demand acquisition and on-site development in automotive parts enterprises, we strive to make our products closer to user needs, more elegant and more convenient. This direction mainly involves the research of database development, server programming, computer network, software engineering and computer architecture. At present, PDM products have been operated by a number of FAW Volkswagen A-level suppliers, and will be promoted and applied in more types and businesses in the future.

  Network Information Filtering: Through bypass monitoring technology, garbage information can be captured, identified and filtered in LAN, which can reduce the interference of spam to users and create a green and secure network environment. This direction mainly involves embedded development, computer network, machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining and other fields.

  RNA Structure Analysis and Prediction: RNA and DNA play an equally important role in the course of biological evolution. Understanding the structure of RNA can speculate its function and design new drugs for the treatment of cancer and other difficult diseases. It is a frontier academic problem in the world. The direction of RNA structure prediction in our laboratory is to predict RNA structure by bioinformatics. We have cooperated with famous scientists of PLA Academy of Sciences, Fourth Military Medical University and the United States in this valley, and are in the forefront of the field.

  Analysis and prediction of siRNA: It is a kind of double-stranded RNA which is introduced into human body and homologous to endogenous RNA. Through the intervention of siRNA, it can degrade the homologous RNA effectively, so as to know the function of the corresponding gene of the RNA. In addition, siRNA can also target the corresponding gene of the disease and realize the function of gene therapy. The siRNA is effectively predicted by machine learning algorithm, and the corresponding prediction software is developed.

  Analysis and prediction of microRNAs: It is a small molecule RNA, which is related to the development and disease in the life process. It can inhibit the expression of RNA at the protein level by targeting the RNA, so as to exert its biological function. At present, the functions of regulating cholesterol dynamic balance, regulating vascular growth and anti-cancer function have been proved. In this direction, research work has been done in searching for human microRNAs of influenza virus and predicting the target genes of microRNAs. A better software for predicting target genes of microRNAs was developed.

  Numerical Simulation and Computer Simulation: This paper presents a method of establishing the discrete element analysis model of mechanical components by the CAD model (CAD software design drawing). On this basis, the integration of the CAD software with the self-developed discrete element analysis software, computational fluid dynamics software and multi-rigid body dynamics software is realized, and a new type of CAD software integrating design and performance analysis evaluation is constructed. In this direction, three projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, one national 863 project, one key project of Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department, three national invention patents, six software copyrights, and 25 retrieval papers of SCI and EI have been published. The results have been applied in some universities, research institutes and factories.

  With the help of the student Party branch and the assistant director mechanism, the student self-management method under the guidance of the tutor group is implemented. The atmosphere of the research room is harmonious and the academic atmosphere is strong, which is conducive to improving the independent scientific research and innovation ability of the students. The cooperation mode of each group also cultivates the students'team cooperation ideas and abilities, and improves the comprehensive quality of everyone.