Lab's Introduction

  The Laboratory of Biometric Recognition and Information Security Technology specializes in the research and industrialization of pattern recognition technology, bioinformatics, numerical simulation and computer simulation. The research members include Professor Liu Yuanning, Professor Zhu Xiaodong, Professor Fu Hong, Assistant Professor Zhang Xiaoxu, Professor Zhang Hao, Assistant Professor Gang, more than 50 doctoral and master students.

  Main Research Fields of Lab:

  • Iris Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence:After nearly 20 years of research and development, our team is in the leading position in the field of iris recognition in China. Academic research, industrial research and development, engineering projects, there are corresponding results and a complete student training system.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Biological Big data:The specific research directions of the laboratory include: (1) Various-Product Lifecycle Management (V PLM) cloud computing and large data analysis; (2) data mining theory and application; (3) database; (4) APP development in the above direction.
  • Big Data, Cloud Computing and Data Mining for Intelligent Manufacturing:The main research directions are RNA structure analysis and prediction, siRNA analysis and prediction, microRNA analysis and target gene prediction, LncRNA and cancer.